Creating a unique financial plan takes time and effort, both on your part and on the part of your financial advisor.

During your first year at SWP, your advisor will meet with you to discuss your personal, business and estate goals and objectives. After your initial meeting, our client services department will contact you requesting information and documents for your advisor to review. Please understand that the initial planning process (which may require multiple meetings and can often take up to four months) is necessary to ensure that your financial blueprint is tailored to your unique personal, business and estate circumstances.

Additionally, your financial advisor will meet or communicate with your attorney and accountant regarding any legal or financial issues that may affect the creation of your plan. Planning clients will have the opportunity to use AWealthBox, our safe, secure application for viewing all of your accounts, assets and important documents such as wills and trusts. Once your plan is created, your advisor will meet with you to review it in detail and to make any necessary final changes or recommendations.

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