Our 3 Core Strategies

Strategic Wealth Planning will develop your personal financial blueprint using our 3 Core Strategies:

Safeguard You & Your Family

Strengthen Your Business

Preserve & Enhance Your Estate

Why Choose Strategic Wealth Planning

At SWP, your plan is more than an investment portfolio; it is a blue print of your entire financial life. We create comprehensive financial plans. Before you build a house, you create a blue print. Before you invest your money, buy life insurance, or create a trust, you need a financial blueprint, a SWP Plan.

The Benefits of AWealthBox

Consolidate your financial information and store your important documents like wills, trusts and directives.
SWP planning clients enjoy access to this secure program.

Latest Updates

Phishing – Aggressive and Evolving

By |June 12th, 2023|

It has been three years since our blog on safeguarding your personal information. [1]  This new blog focuses on one specific topic, phishing, that has become more deceptive and more aggressive.   In 2021, the FBI [...]

2022 Year End Financial Check List

By |November 11th, 2022|

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we want to provide our clients with a financial year-end check list.  We encourage you to review the topics we have selected, knowing that they are important not only for [...]

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