Strategic Wealth Planning advisors have the expertise to advise doctors, dentists and other professionals as they grow and then exit their successful practices.

After caring for their patients all day, doctors and dentists face a load of administrative and business related tasks. This stress can be overwhelming on an already busy professional.

Practice Management

A well-run practice translates into positive patient experience which heightens brand awareness and effectiveness in its community. SWP can educate doctors and dentists in best practices that ultimately translate into better patient care and services. As a part of practice management, SWP covers successful growth strategies from idea inception to implementation.

Incentive Plan Structure

A well designed incentive plan builds better relationships between the practice and its employees. Fostering a long-term relationship with employees drastically improves patient care as patients do not want to work with a revolving door of employees at a medical practice. This presentation focuses on how to structure a tax efficient, profit sharing plan to reward employees and maximize benefits senior doctors.

The Challenges of Technology

Technology can be one of many hurdles and hoops for doctors and dentists to jump through before they can consistently deliver quality patient care. SWP helps physicians and dentists diagnose which technology systems are needed and how best to implement these systems. SWP focuses on EHR and its efficient and effective implementation.

Exit Planning

Sophisticated exit planning strategies create value in a practice by developing well run systems and processes that enable doctors and dentists to better serve their patients and the community. With the baby boomer population of doctors and dentists looming towards retirement, this presentation focuses on how medical professionals can structure their practice – years before leaving – in preparation for a smooth and profitable transition