Strategic Wealth Planning has adopted a “Statement of Retirement Plan Strategy” to assist in evaluating the retirement plan needs of companies and their employees. SWP’s Statement of Strategies consists of 3 core areas: Provider Management Strategies, Plan Design Strategies and Risk Management Strategies. By adhering to our Statement of Strategies, Strategic Wealth Planning professionals strive to ensure that your company adopts and maintains a progressive, smooth-running and cost-effective 401k plan.

The following is an outline of SWP’s Statement of Retirement Plan Strategies. Upon request, SWP is happy to provide you with the entire document.

Provider Management Strategies

Strategic Wealth Planning performs an in-depth and ongoing needs assessment to determine whether your current or new 401k plan meets participant needs and company requirements. In the area of provider management, SWP focuses on the following key strategies:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Vendor Services Evaluation
  • Vendor Candidate Selection
  • Implementation of New Services
  • Monitoring Industry Trends
  • Service, Support, and Problem Resolution

Plan Design Strategies

Strategic Wealth Planning provides advocacy and assistance to your company in creating a new (or modifying an existing) 401k plan, focusing on the following strategies:

  • 401k Plan Design Consulting and Investment Selection
  • Employee Engagement Strategies: Educational Programs; Enrollment Meetings
  • Measure, evaluate and review your company’s 401k plan’s performance

Risk Management Strategies

SWP assists your company with all areas of risk management, from administrative tasks to fiduciary responsibilities. Strategic Wealth Planning offers support and expertise to help your company with strategies that will:

  • Establish a fiduciary process
  • Take advantage of 404(c) protection
  • Establish Develop a company investment policy statement
  • Understand and adhere to your written plan document and ERISA
  • Satisfy reporting and disclosure requirements