Tax mitigation planning

Often overlooked, a well-planned tax mitigation strategy can be effective in increasing you overall wealth.

Creditor protection

The key to asset protection against creditors is timing. Once there is a possibility that a lawsuit can be filed, it may be too late to take adequate steps to protect you, your family and your business from creditors. Some basic asset protection considerations include buying an umbrella policy and putting more money into a 401k account. More sophisticated asset protection plans include setting up an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT).

Planning with life insurance; premium financing

Premium Financing Edge:

  • Acquire new life insurance coverage or fund existing premiums without liquidating assets
  • Reduce the size of gifts made to fund life insurance policies owned outside of the estate
  • Premium financed loan interest may have a smaller impact on your current cash flow
  • Ability to borrow cash at an attractive interest rate without liquidating taxable investments.
  • Assists with overall estate planning and ensuring the protection of assets for your heirs

Charitable giving and family foundations

For families fortunate enough to have the resources to provide substantial gifts to charity, an SWP advisor can help those families with sophisticated strategies to create the right gifting plan.

Family Limited Partnerships

The FLP is a sophisticated method for transferring assets to family members, one that may be eligible for valuation discounts. An SWP professional will discuss the advantages of setting up a family limited partnership with you and your family and if appropriate, will assist you in establishing the FLP.


ILIT is an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust designed to hold life insurance policies outside of an estate. The SWP professionals will assist you with finding an experienced estate planning attorney or will assist you and your current attorney to set up an ILIT that meets your stated goals and objectives.