Seminars & Presentations

SWP Practice Management Series for Physicians & Dentists

After caring for their patients all day, physicians face a load of administrative and business related tasks. This stress can be overwhelming on an already busy doctor. Our SWP Practice Management Series helps physicians run their practices more efficiently from a business, IT and marketing perspective. Speaker Stephen Blum has expertise in helping physicians better run their practices so they can spend time on what matters most to them – caring for patients.

Exit Planning for Medical & Dental Practices. (One Hour)

Sophisticated exit planning strategies create value in a practice by developing well run systems and processes that enable doctors to better serve their patients and the community. With the baby boomer population of doctors looming towards retirement, this presentation focuses on how doctors can structure their practice – years before leaving – in preparation for a smooth and profitable transition.

Practice Management Presentation. (Two Hours)

A well run practice translates into positive patient experience which heightens brand awareness and effectiveness in its community. This presentation teaches physicians best practices that ultimately translate into better patient care and services. It covers the gamut of challenges facing doctors including IT, operations and marketing. As a part of practice management, we cover successful growth strategies from idea inception to implementation.

Physician & Dentist Incentive Plan Structure. (One Hour)

A well designed incentive plan builds better relationships between the practice and its employees. Fostering a long-term relationship with employees drastically improves patient care as patients do not want to work with a revolving door of employees at a medical practice. This presentation focuses on how to structure a tax efficient, profit sharing plan to reward employees and maximize benefits senior doctors.

The Challenges of Technology for Professional Practices. (One Hour)

Technology can be one of many hurdles and hoops for doctors to jump through before they can consistently deliver quality patient care. Our Challenges of Technology presentation helps physicians diagnose which technology systems are needed and how best to implement these systems. This presentation specifically focuses on EHR and its efficient and effective implementation.

Exit Planning For Entrepreneurs. (One Hour)

Leaving your Company in Style

In the program Exit Planning for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Steve Blum teaches company owners that implementing sophisticated exit planning strategies into their businesses bring both value and profit to their business. This presentation is also very timely as the baby boomer population looms towards retirement and many companies may be competing with each other to sell their businesses. The Exit Planning for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs presentation focuses on how companies can structure their businesses – years before leaving – in preparation for a smooth and profitable transition.

Program Description

There are so many challenges facing business owners today, from obtaining the necessary credit to run a business making sure that customers remain satisfied with products and services. Steve first teaches business owners to view their businesses from a buyer’s perspective. For many business owners, thinking like a buyer generates a series of epiphanies and teaches them how to better run their companies – and better serve their clients. In fact, this may be the first time a business owner considers the enormous impact of the following on their business:

  • Industry multiples
  • Exit planning and transition team
  • Financing availability
  • Impact of accurate bookkeeping
  • Value drivers
  • Diversified client base
  • Systems, policies and procedures
  • Management team
  • Taxes

Health + Wealth: The Affordable Care Act’s Hidden Cost to Businesses

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is changing the health and retirement plan landscape. Employers must learn to think strategically about their total benefit offerings to employees and executives. Strategic Wealth Planning specialists understand the impact the ACA has on your on your business’ profitability. An SWP professional will educate you and your human resource representative on why employers must think strategically about their benefit offerings; both health and retirement.

Let an SWP specialist show you:

  • Why on an after tax basis, offering minimum health coverage may be less costly than not offering any health coverage
  • Why many health plan changes have direct or indirect retirement plan implications
  • That identification of highly compensated employees, full-time employees and temporary employees are slightly different under HCR.